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So you have a new PUPPY or new DOG. First, congratulations, you are on your way to a receiving unconditional love by a companion animal that totally relies on you for its health and well being.

Lets talk about the areas you need to to know to raise a happy and healthy pup.1.   Equipment – Leashes, Collars, Harnesses, Tags, etc., etc……….
2.   Housebreaking – Crate Training
3.   Puppy Vaccinations – Veterinarian Care
5.   7 Stages of Puppy Development
7.   Feeding guidelines
8.   Managing Puppy Nipping, Puppy Chewing & Puppy Barking
9.   Socialization and Exercise
10. Riding in a Car
11. Leash walking
12. Move – uppie
13. Digging
14. Separation Anxiety
14. Children / Baby Interaction
15. Grooming
17. Dog houses and barriers

Call Montana for our expanded PUPPY or New DOG Training Program. 847-997-4707

Author: Big Sky Dog Training

Professional Reward Based Dog Trainer for over 20 years. Teaching obedience and foundation dog training utilizing leadership skills with an understanding of animal behavior puppy development stages and genetics.

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